.walasse ting.

.good morning 22, oil on canvas c.2003.

.good morning 9, oil on canvas, c.2001.

.good morning 13, oil on canvas, c.2003.

.woman in flowers, oil on canvas, c.2002.

.I love you, oil on canvas, c.1979.

.good morning 20, oil on canvas, c.2005.

  • .modern Chinese painter, b.1929. Born in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China and raised in Shanghai, moved to Hong Kong in 1946, Paris in 1952. Close relationship with CoBra group.
  • .1960 came to New York, worked with Pop artists in the USA.
  • .American citizen in 1974.
  • .1977, awarded a fellowship gfrom the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, published "Red Mouth".
  • .since 2001, he has been living in Amsterdam.