.Bought a handpainted bamboo Easter basket for Wensley!.

.and Easter isn't complete without an Easter Tree...


.Norman Bird Sanctuary.

St. George's.

.person hugging a tree or an old man's face?.

.winnie's sleeping...too much excitement!.

.beautiful day, but my pictures didn't turn out so well....too much sunlight.  Oh well.  Can't wait to come back in a month or so when Spring starts to tune up!


.party work.

.ok, so these are REALLY rough (I'm not the best "sketcher"), but hopefully you get the gist of what I am trying to do.  My thought is to have several unique terrarium-esque arrangements on the most prominent tables and/or bars and the tall 'ball-on-a-stand' arrangements for the other tables. 

.I will be using live ferns, moss, orchids, pansies and other leafy green plants.  The 'ball-on-a-stand' arrangements will be a combo of moss balls or orchid balls - not put together, but used separately - so moss balls on one table, different heights & diameters, and orchid balls on another table, also different heights & diameters.

.I found great planters online to use for the arrangements - the triple planter, the vintage greenhouse, the cast iron planter and the open fern bowl. 

.It's going to be e.p.i.c.. 

.Stay tuned for more to come on the amazing HUGE orbs I am going to have on the lawn.  Also E.P.I.C..