.looks like we are going to have a beautiful weekend. Don't forget about the DERBY on Saturday!!!!.



.Here is a table I found at CB2 which is Crate & Barrel, $249.00.

.It says it is 0.5" molded acrylic, which begs the question, what is the difference between Lucite and acrylic?? Well, per my Google search - NOTHING! Lucite is just a brand name - Lucite International - which is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Raylon, which markets Lucite for domestic use & fashion accessories (source).

.I L.O.V.E. Lucite for some accessories, so by loving Lucite, I guess I also love Plexiglas, acrylic glass and any other name by which PMMA (polymethyl_methacrylate) is marketed. Hmmmm. You learn something new everyday!!.


.tabletop ideas.

.black & white striped table cloths - LOVE it. Want it.

.while I might sub out the orange for green or maybe pink, I L.O.V.E. this idea. I need another party to plan and someone else's budget.


.IKEA bookshelves.

.Dan and I bought these at IKEA and I LOVE them. For once we finally have a place to put all our pictures, books and other items. $300! Can't beat that price!.

.new chairs.

.SAVED from the Salvation Army, $44 each! They desperately need recovering, but they have nice "bones" and a retro look to them, so I bought 'em! They are also very comfortable.


.some of those houses had docks before the storm...so sad.

.last Thursday I was greeted by this awesome rainbow. This is looking out from our deck.


.Calling Jamestown.

.i found this image on Caitlin Creer.

.What a fun thing to do for a party. MAX & SARAH - Why can't you be in Jamestown??? I want to string up balloons overlooking the water and play Bocce ball and drink ritas!!?!



.My living room is a WIP - WORK IN PROGRESS - and a few things that I have been thinking about are white leather arm chairs for by the fireplace, horizontal striped curtains (black & white) and a burl coffee table. This may seem a little crazy, but I do have a master plan.

* Black & White Stripped Curtains - not sure where to find?? I found this DIY version at Little Green Notebook.
* Burl coffee table...I might make this myself with iron legs.
* IKEA white leather chair $549
* Desi stool as a side table?


.spring SHADE planting.

.I really need to plant a few things before the baby comes. I have a partial shade deck and a sun deck and I think this arrangement from White Flower Farm will work well for the shade deck (going clockwise from the top left):

* Heuchera Dolce (Key Lime Pie)
* Ipomoea (Sweet Caroline Light Green)
* Sanchezia Speciosa
* Impatiens (FanFare Fuchsia)
* Coleus (Merlin's Magic)
* Begonia (Fireworks)

.May 7th.

.May 7th can't get her soon enough.



.May 7th is getting REALLY CLOSE.