{new blog tag from ArtSparker. This gives you free will to tell ME what you really think without feeling like you are going to offend me. I know the painting stinks right now! So help me!! Tell me like it is. I'm a big girl, I can take it. Ha!}

.well, I don't know what to say about this one. In the words of Daman Wayan's {on In Living Color} "HATED IT!!!" The problem is, when you try to paint someone you know it ends up being a big F.R.E.A.K.I.N.G. project because I know what they look like and they know what they look like and to capture the likeness is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The smallest brush stroke can change the person's persona altogether. So, before I paint over this madness, I am asking for constructive criticism.

.I need some R.E.A.L feedback... HOLLA! {click on picture to enlarge and see up close}


.writer's block over man.

.NAME: Milly.
.DATE: 1/20/2009, 7 days from the beginning of my artist's block.
.TIME: 10:48pm.
.PROBLEM: averted.

.{above is a close up of the image below}.

{this is still underconstruction, but it's coming along...the texture is setting in...acrylic & spackling paste on canvas}.

.a finally, this last man is my "writer's block over man". On the way to Hotlanta I sketched this with crayons and colored pencils. He's delightfully colorful. I think his last name is Morris and I captured him from a photo in The Economist. seriously. haha!!

.So, thanks for sticking by me during these trying times....I am painting again like a crazy lady. Happy Inauguration!.


.example of painter's block.

.this is what happened under the spells of painter's block. The far RIGHT image is the end product. SUPER. {click to enlarge}



.NAME: Milly.
.DATE: 1/14/2009.
.TIME: 1:10 a.m.
.PROBLEM: painter's block.

.most paintings take me a few hours and it just happens... it's exciting, things flow, the paint paints...it's GREAT. Where are you?. Wherrrrrrrrrre? F%#*&?*.



.this is me checking my blog and getting really excited and clearly overzealous to check all the comments from my wonderful vistors. Sometimes the colors are quit intense!!! Anyone else experience this strange phenomenon of color blog blending? haha.


.mad skiers.

.there is nothing like skiing down an open slope (this was taken at MAD RIVER GLEN 2008)...the loud sound of your skis on the snow, then you duck into a tree run and a HUSH falls over you like you cupped your hands over your ears.
.Last year, a good friend of ours gave us a trip to a Vermont Bed & Breakfast as a wedding gift. What an aweseome, awesome present. I want to go again right now!


.play on crayons.

.one of my crazy sketches....crayon style.
.{click on the images to see up close}.


.ding dong ding dong.

.Look what I woke up to on New Year's Eve!! S.N.O.W. awesooooome.

.ding dong the wicked witch of 2008 is dead. Hopefully Belinda will be hear for 2009.


.thai chix cakes.

.those are the obscure ingredients behind the cakes...so easy to make once you have the strange ingredients...like Fish Sauce and Sweet Asian Chili Sauce. And Danny found the SAKE!! oh yeaahhhhh.

.sake bombs.

.Perfect compliment to my mom's Thai Chicken Cakes?. Best Sake EVERRRRRR.


.Vanderbilt wins 1st bowl since 1955 over BC.
.When? the day after my birthday.
.Where? Nashvegas.
.How? by kicking a$$ and takin' names!!.