.gift wrapping paper.

.Shiny Dark Silver Kraft, Kate's Paperie, 40" x 10 foot roll, $9.95.
.Inspired by Eddie Ross, I think this wrapping paper would look fantastic paired with a lavender bow. I have a VIB (very important birthday) coming up and might have to get some of this to use!!.



.the NEW lawyer's lamp??? There is a new office on the horizon that needs to be furnished and it certainly isn't mine - have you seen the markets?? disgust.
.BUT, apparently, lawyers are needed regardless of market conditions...Hooray! SO, there is design that I need to prepare for....which means I'm pretty much psyched.
.Dan has the classic lawyers lamp on his current desk at home and while it's great, it's certainly dated. So I found these, and I am not in love, but I am trying to think of something that honors the tradition of the lawyer/accounting lamp, i.e., the green glass and gold pull cord, but that brings the idea to a new and better level. Hmmmm..... Hmmmm...


.Few objects of note....starting from the top.....
***the bird: from my BF's Rehearsal Dinner...very cool detail 'slash' paper weight.
***the flask container: from my grandfather (Kentucky)...I'll have to leverage my mom for what this was used for. My husband LOVES it, yet it has never left the coffee table. So, I'm pretty sure he just likes the idea of a portable-leather flask case and like many gifts we give over the years to our fathers, father-in-laws, grandfathers and brothers , they will probably only use this 1 time. Similar to the leather tie holding case that I was certain my father-in-law could not live without!! Too many spiked ciders make for a certain demise in ones ability to discern what is a "cool" or "normal" gift. HAHA!
***the bottle holder: I am positive there is a proper name for this, but after searching the internet, I was unable to find a name. Again, something I will need to leverage my mom for....although unfortunately, it is too late in Provence to give her a call :( .... Love you mom!!


.snails - ew - are taking over my garden. So being the nature lover that I am (or pretend to be), I was psyched when I saw the snails as I attributed the phenomenon to successful planting on my part, i.e., attracting insects and bugs from afar to my citified garden. WELL, I was wrong. After a few Google searches tonight I discovered that these snails are in my garden for a free meal! Not only will they eat my plants at a rapid pace, they bring nothing in return. A spider will eat mosquitos and bees fertilize your plants......but, snails??? NOTHING.

.BUT, unlike spiders that I have no problem squishing on site (after a small freak out on my part), I still can't bring myself to kill these darn snails, let alone touch them. UGH. EW. ANNOYING.


.Given the 777pt decline in the market today (thorn in my side) and gold moving UP to $915/oz, maybe we should start buying all of our furniture in 24 karat gold!!.

.HAHA, no.


.Hotel Particulier in Aix-en-Provence, France.


.Mr. Fitzsimmons.

.Mr. Fitzsimmon puppies.

.a PACK of Mr. Fitzsimmons!!!!!!.

.I really, really, really want a Clumber Spaniel. Not only are they intelligent, but they are so adorable. Dan and I have already named our future Clumber after the river in Whistler (the Fitzsimmon's river). One day, one day.

.weekend wear.

.I NEED A PAIR OF WELLIES.....now. I have been wanting a pair since last year and now that it is POURING RAIN in Rhode Island, I could use them more than ever. I know a lot of people like to buy the "new wellies" with polka dots and Burberry plaids...NOT ME. I want the ones that were worn by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Welington in the early 19th century. As soon as I get Mr. Fitzsimmons, it will all fit together so nicely - my wellies and Mr. Fitzsimmons that is.


.apartment in Saint Germain des Pres, Paris, France. AWESOME.

.funny story - when I was 15 I went to Paris with my family and my mom kept saying we are going to "Saint Germain des Pres" today and I asked her if I should bring my bible!! I thought we were going to Saint Germain to pray. HAHA. Dummy.


.Laura Millard, Frost Flower II.

.Laura Millard, Ice Diamond.

.Laura Millard, Frost Flower IV, 2007.
.available at Skew Gallery. Taken from Design DNA blog (great blog). These are oil on chromira photographic print.
.L.O.V.E. I think I need to try this. But what the heck is a chromira photographic print??? Argh. Way too advanced for me.



.cozy room, love it. There is a CHANDELIER - love it even more.

.Interior Designer is Brooke Giannetti of GIANNETTI ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORS INC .


.Those are Dahlia's outside my house... Kinda stinks living in the city with hardly anywhere to plant anything, but I did manage to plant a few pots. The Dahlia's are loving the Fall weather right now. Too bad it won't last long. I have to figure out what to do with my lemon plants too now that its getting below 55 degrees at night. Maybe Ill take them to Schartner's Farm and use their greenhouse....hmm...


.i wanna make this.


.skull tray, also from Pottery Barn. Kinda of eerie, but I love it.


.my friend Blondie has a thing for skulls - not sure what it's all about, but I saw these this weekend at Pottery Barn. I pretty much LOVE Halloween, so I think I might have to purchase these.

.the black taper candles are great though - year round!!



.this is the market in Granville Island in Vancouver, BC. Dan and I were here, while on our honeymoon, after skiing in Whistler. I think this was the first time I had a pass from Dan to take as many pictures as I wanted. I'm pretty sure he is the one that wanted the picture of the meat deli case. HAHA....awesome.


.ummmmmm, I need this now. I won't even post what my current kitchen looks like. BLAH.
.from House Beautiful. And taken from this awesome blog I just found Decorno.


.cool country breakfast room or really it is a butlers pantry turned into a breakfast room. The fact that they painted the backsplash of the cabinets is the best.


.from the Milly pages, I L.O.V.E. these doors.


.JULISKA!! When my mom had her store Roosters in NC (tableware, cookware, etc), she would sell Juliska and it is the best!! I love it. She introduced it to me several years ago when I was still stuck on old school crystal and all things Wedgewood...what was I thinking? Anyway, as always, my mom was right and I LOVE this stuff. I got a lot of it for my wedding that was last year in Blowing Rock, NC. Anyway, enjoy!!

PS: Thought of Juliska while posting a comment to this post on The Newlywed Diaries


.THIS - particuarily the Chianti bottle - reminds me of living in Firenze with a few of my best Vanderbilt friends and drinking mass quantities of the best wine around for 3800Lire....translation - $2. HAHA.

.picture taken from Desire to Inspire - stylist Hannah Simmons.


.DO YOU SEE THIS???? THIS "disturbance"?????.

.Well, this "disturbance" IS SERIOUSLY INHIBITING MY WEEKEND GAME. I had plans to go to Block Island for my friend Chris's birthday, rent scooters and scoot around the island with clear blue skies and ZERO tourists in site. And while I'm pretty there will be no tourists, my clear blue Provence skies are GONE due to some "disturbance"!!!.

.Quite frankly, this isn't a disturbance, this a complete catastophe.

.70% chance of RAAAAAAAAAAAIN????????. Complete disaster.


.house on College Hill on the East Side of Providence.

.RI State House. Dome can be seen from our house. It cost $3M to build from 1895 -1904. Today the cost would be over $1B, which is about the size of our current deficit (haha, that is not a fact, but it could be close). The dome, which my husband likes to point out to any and all vistors to our town, is the 4th largest self-supporting marble dome in the world, after St. Peter's Basillica, the Minnesota State Capitol (damn 'sotas) and the Taj Mahal.

.random door in Providence.

.saw an awesome post on Design*Sponge on Providence, RI. All of the recommendations were SPOT ON!! I especially like how they divided the posts by each area of town. My husband and I have been fortunate enough to be parlaying on the East Side for the past year and we L.O.V.E. it.

.This bottom picture shows College Hill where we live. While we don't have a yard with a fence or a grill or a large dog, we do have lots of restaurants and take out options - what's better than that??? I think my husband's favorite saying in response to what sorts of food I make for him, is something along the lines of "the only thing Emily knows how to make is reservations." HAHA. This statement has not been validated and I will neither confirm nor deny its accuracy.


.typically I don't post that much about architecture, I think the last post was Gaudi - so predictable - back in August. Nevertheless, last year my husband and I were in DC and we came across this awesome building that looked like it had water cascading down the sides... As it turns out - it wasn't water, but silver medallions (I have no idea how else to put this) that blow with the wind thus mimicking the effect of water.

.what was even cooler about it, was that it was covering the ugliness of a parking garage that couldn't be built below ground. VERY GOOD & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN.


.KAAS Glassworks is this totally, awesomely cute store in NYC that sells decoupage plates, paperholders, etc. I bought a beautiful piece from them with a Flamingo on it that I L.O.V.E..


.the purple fabric on the left is great... I could see this as curtains or throw pillows, paired with neutral accents similar to the fabric on the right.



.Gustavsberg Pottery, from Sweden. This is from their Argenta line which was designed by Wilhelm Kage (1989 - 1960) and produced during the 1930's and 40's. Kage became a designer for Gustavsberg in 1917. The greenish glaze is signature to the Argenta line.

.My grandmother, from Horse Cave , KY, collected Argenta and recently my mom has added several pieces to her collection as well. The key is to find the larger pieces which are particuarily valuable.



.Dale Chiluly is coming to RHODE ISLAND September 27th to January 4th at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum.


.I think this is Paul Costello?. Not sure, but it's really cool.


.Ranunculus are my FAVORITE FLOWERS. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!.


.I was inspired by fellow blogger Blondie who talked about how fallish it is outside. So I wanted to post some fall photos of mine...
These were taken last year on our annual Fall trip to Stowe, VT. I pretty much love all things related to Stowe and I am SO excited that today I was able to put on my fall Burberry coat. Perfect for 56 degree days. Now I am eagerly looking forward to putting on leather boots & scarves!!!!!. Heart.