.sparkly things.

.tree in store window in NYC 2007.

.I have NO idea what made me think of this, but I remember walking in NYC with my mom and my in-laws and seeing this beautiful silver Christmas tree in the window. I'm pretty sure my mom and I had a contest to see who could take a better picture of it....I hope I didn't win. HAHA.

.So anyway, I forget what it is made of, but it was so sparkly! Like little crystals tied to each needle, just calling out my name to come by and observe. I didn't even care about the clothes being showcased and couldn't tell you who the designer was - Chanel? Marc Jacobs? Not sure, don't care. BUT, I do remember that tree because it was so so SPARKLY!! So what is it anyway about girls and sparkly things? Like a fish to a lure!! Is it in our genes to be attracted to little tiny flashes of light? discuss.

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