.Few objects of note....starting from the top.....
***the bird: from my BF's Rehearsal Dinner...very cool detail 'slash' paper weight.
***the flask container: from my grandfather (Kentucky)...I'll have to leverage my mom for what this was used for. My husband LOVES it, yet it has never left the coffee table. So, I'm pretty sure he just likes the idea of a portable-leather flask case and like many gifts we give over the years to our fathers, father-in-laws, grandfathers and brothers , they will probably only use this 1 time. Similar to the leather tie holding case that I was certain my father-in-law could not live without!! Too many spiked ciders make for a certain demise in ones ability to discern what is a "cool" or "normal" gift. HAHA!
***the bottle holder: I am positive there is a proper name for this, but after searching the internet, I was unable to find a name. Again, something I will need to leverage my mom for....although unfortunately, it is too late in Provence to give her a call :( .... Love you mom!!

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