.November 2011 MEXICO.

 .Ferry + Dos Equis = Love.

.Definitely did not get my bridesmaid dress hemmed so I could go incognito with my Rainbows.

.Old school paper party straws & Sol.....nothing better.

.Wedding party gear.  Ridiculous, but it has to be documented.

.I know some Mexican songs (like 2) and Cucaracha is definitely one of them. The other one escapes me.

.THIS is how the natives get down.  There is no way I am going to die without sitting on a swing while sipping a rum punch at a bar while watching the sunset over the ocean.  Just no way.  PLEASE don't let me go without this experience.  Where were you bartender?  I could've checked this one off.  Come on!
.CHECK THIS OUT (above).  

.I bet you don't even know what this is.  I can promise you I did not.  In fact, my husband and I saw this Oasis, did a double take, a U-turn and another U-turn just to go find out.  It was worth the journey.

.Take a closer look.  You can't see it, but the checkout is on the left and the beer cooler is on the right.  And for those of you that need me to spell it out, we drove our golf cart right between the two.  

.Looks illegal right?  Nope.  Not in MX mi amigo.  Drive through convenience stores at your service.  I know what you're thinking, "she must be on an island where they only drive golf carts".  WRONG.  

.Quite simply wonderful, and dangerous, all at the same time.  Arriba!

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