.Halloween Winnie.

The Halloween Parade at Winnie's School

Butterfly Tattoo's - this is the closet she will ever get to a real one...haha, I hope.

The Meyer's neighbor's house...amazing decorations!!
Snow on Halloween?

.We decided to go with a partially-homemade costume for Winnie's fairy outfit.  I bought adult sized
wings for her, because the baby ones were just too small for Winnie's liking.  The tutus were gifts from friends - yes, she is wearing two for volume.  And to hold those wings in place, I used one of my sparkly scarfs, which ironically I had just worn as a headband to a recent flapper's themed charity event the weekend before.

.I would've thought that she would be pulling the costume off, but no, she loved every minute of it!  That's my girl!.

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