.They are removing the Pawtuxet Falls Dam on the Pawtuxet River.  This will restore 7 miles of free-flowing river habitat and improve the ecosytems of the Pawtuxet River watershed and Narragansett Bay.

.Apparently, this concrete mass has been blocking the native American shad and river herring's shagging grounds for 100 years!  This dam, and 600 others like it in RI, was originally built to provide water power for local RI mills.  Now those mills, which are in China, are either abandoned or have been turned into hotels and lofts.  So let the fish get it on!!

And don't fret if you live on the banks of the river, an eco-contracting firm based out of Salem, MA (couldn't we have employed an RI company?  Just saying.) will plant native bushes & grasses on your banks.  Sweet! 

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