.this one neighborhood in Greensboro, NC (my hometown) actually puts these chicken wire light balls in the trees and it looks so cool at night. It's a bit of an eyesore during the day though with all the wires. For mine, I opted for the upstairs window. The neighbors may be appalled that I used colored lights, but I am not concerned!!.


dolcechic said...

We have John Deere stocking, but don't have chicken wire light balls? Something is wrong with this picture. These are so cool...I love them!

PS You totally made my mom's day with the John Deere stocking. She's obsessed with the deere. Our dog has a J.D collar, and along with our American flag, you guessed it.....a John Deere flag.

Rice Candy said...

Ha ha.. funny. I like this post. good way of explaining with the pictures.