.so all night I've been staring at this box my mom sent....pondering, thinking, watching, wondering if it's more wedding presents that people have dropped off on her doorstep in NC (even though Dan & I were married 1.5yrs ago) OR maybe it's some old stuff of mine, like high school yearbooks, that she doesn't want to throw away but wants me to finally claim. And part of me was thinking, I shouldn't open the box until Christmas, but then I remembered that we decided to not exchange gifts this year.....so of course it couldn't be presents.
.WELL I WAS WRONG!!!! IT's PRESENTS!!! and LOTS of them. MOM!!!!!!.
.I guess I should've known better, my mom can't resist giving her children gifts. She's the best. Always thinking about us. And mom Meyer....same way, she already broke the no gift rule as well. Yall are so bad!! So yesterday, my husband made me happy and today I was reminded of how much my mom loves me...and I didn't need presents to know that, but it was just a sweet gesture and I love her for it. (mom, if your reading this....don't cry).
So this is what made me happy today and it is #2 in a series of 5 days of blogging about what makes me happy each day.

!!!!!!!! love you mom. xxoo


Mary James said...

Of course I cried!

dolcechic said...

Mom's are the best! So how much snow have you guys gotten?

ArtSparker said...

Lovely post, very sweet.

GrannySmithGreen said...

Precious post! Don't we just love our Mommies? No matter our age, we will always be their babies!