.things I learned this week.

.My mother-in-law has the most beautiful hydrangeas. We uesd these to make arrangements for my niece's Christening. Just add starfish & roses and you have a centerpiece.
I learned a few things this week:
1) Qaid is a good Banangrams word because you don't need a 'u'. Qaid is a Muslim tribal chief or senior official. AND Qat which is a leaf of the shrub Catha edulis. Right. Of course.
2) Hydrangeas change colors based on the color of the soil and the aluminium content. AND you can change a pink hydrangea to a blue hydrangea and vice versa, but you cannot change a white hydrangea to either blue or pink. Read more here.


Tammie Lee said...

great 'q' words. and lovely arrangements. Summer is a fun time!

Mary James said...

I think it is the acidity of the soil, not aluminum, that determines the color of hydrangeas....

Anonymous said...

well done!
i really like this and also invites you to my khat (catha edulis) blog i sure you will find a lot of information you need
thanks again