.I don't think my pictures do justice to the event... After setting up ALL day I was just too tired to really try. Nevertheless, here they are!.

.these brazziers were on loan from Barnaby who is the man responsible for Providence's Waterfire.

.my hanging sticks in the evil garden - cheap but effective!!

.can you see the brazziers now? They looked so cool....WHY didn't I get better pictures???? This is the evil side.

.the white garden!.
that's my friend Lindsay on the left there....she was a HUGE help and an integral part of the design.
.our glowing orbs were constantly changing colors. We put them on these cylinders filled with purple/blue water which were lit with floralytes.
.these are the same chicken wire light balls from last year. This year we hung them over the VIP areas.

.chandeliers from Martha Stewarts entertaining collection...

.our friend from Plantasia let us use her beautiful palms (as well as several other asesome things!!) and we also hung our white chicken wire balls in this area.