.Sakonnet Vineyard.

.Nothing like a long day at the beach followed by rose at the vineyard.  Next stop - cliff diving.

.Sakonnet Vineyard.

.bye, bye Winnie! Where ya going with mama's bag? Running away?  Already?  Girl was on a mission. Hahahaha.

.more pics...

.I think this beach is called Warrens Point. This is where we went cliff jumping. The beach in the previous post was Goosewing. Both are in Little Compton, RI. So fun! All of this was followed by lobsters, corn and a spicy ceviche!. Awesome.
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.cliff diving at Little Compton.

.beach....vineyard...cliff diving....great day.  Can you see the people standing on the cliff over there waiting to jump off?  They even have a diving board.  AWESOME.

.beach day.

.gotta love Little Compton, RI.
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.pretty picture but....

.loudest boat everrrr.... see next post with video.
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.the Winnie Waker.

.is this guy serious? Nothing like watching the sunset with this guy rollin in. Perfect.
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