.This is my new view.... We have several swans and ducks that come by in the morning. So cute. I love being back on the waterfront.

.and THIS is the leftovers from the flood on the Pawtuxet River here in RI. I took this picture in the Shaw's parking lot.


.The Mayo.

.Just arrived in Tulsa, OK. The city streets are eerily EMPTY at 11pm on a Sunday night, but I guess most places are like that, especially when there isn't much downtown residential living.
Staying at The Mayo Hotel. Neat, historic hotel in the heart of downtown. The pictures online were true to the hotel's character. Modern bathroom, plush bed with LOTS of pillows, ridiculously HUGE flatscreen TV and a really good looking carpet that could also be a great pattern for a chic coat. The view, however, not so sweet. It looks like an IRS office next door. Cubicles. Bleh.
.Okay...big day tomorrow. Need to get some shut eye.