.Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil.

.It's getting closer to midnight in the garden of good and evil and much closer to February 6th, so it's time to start cranking out the designs for 2010's Providence Preservation Society Winter Bash. For those in the greater Providence, RI area, you can buy tickets online here.
.This year's theme - Good & Evil - has allowed for a lot of creativity. I will have more to post later!.


.Merry Christmas.

..headed to Vermont tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!.


.tis the season.

.Note - we don't normally dress like this. These ridiculous outfits were for our friend's annual Griswold Family Christmas Party.

.Notice Dan's shoes and turtleneck dickie!. HAHAHAHAHA! He was Cousin Eddie.


.Gold Dome Gala.

.these are the centerpieces I did for the PPS Gold Dome Gala... This is what I used:

* clear "design your own ornaments" from Michael's
* gold spray paint
* vegetable oil
* glitter
.Take the clear ornaments, remove the silver top and fill the bottom with glitter OR Sugar in the Raw. Fill with 1/2 oil & 1/2 water for the glitter balls and all water for the sugar balls. Put the silver top back on and submerge in the vase. For the other balls, spray the insides with Gold Spray paint, roll the paint around the ball as it dries.

.This is an inexpensive way to make a big impression.


.Banded Woolly Bear.

.I took these photos a few weeks ago while Dan was running an 8 mile - wooded race. Often called a "woolly bear", this creature eventually turns into the Isabella Tiger Moth. According to some source on Wikipedia, if the woolly's brown stripe is thick, the winter will be mild and if it's narrow, the winter will be severe. Looks like a thick stripe, so we will see!.



.Anthropologie makes some strange rugs, but some of them are just really cool!!! I think I am going to plan the baby's room after one of them!.