.tennis anyone?.

.Ever since I met the Meyer's, I have been wanting to throw a party on their tennis court. It is a beautiful setting, set high in the corner of the yard and lined with tall Cypress trees (well, they look like Cypress Trees, not sure if they are). The gardens surrounding the area are beautiful and one corner of the court is covered in a beautiful grape vine. SO, when my brother & sister-in-law said they would agree to having their rehearsal dinner on the tennis court, I was estatic!!

.We went with a Fall Theme with chocolate brown table cloths, lots of white pumpkins & mums and even a seating area with hay covered with burlap. Below are some of the details!. Enjoy.

.pumpkin carving courtesy of Dr. Meyer.

.at the last minute, my mother-in-law and I compiled all our favorite napkin rings and used those for the the tables. So at each table, each person had a unique napkin ring.

.the centerpieces! flower balls!.

.the bar......ummmm, clearly I should've ironed, but you get the picture!!.

.The Seating tags on the moss board.
.Carved pumpkins! I didn't want them to be too Halloweenish, so this is what we created.

.We covered a styrofoam board with dried moss for the Seating Cards....

.We had lots of white Christmas tree lights hung on the tennis court fence that intertwined with the grape vine. This was the cocktail area.

.Here is a close up of one of the floral arrangements from the bar area...

.This bird was from my friend Amanda's Rehearsal Dinner and it normally sits on a side table at home, but as I was walking out to go set up for the party, I thought he should come with. Isn't he so cute??.



.It's been almost a month since our wonderful, awesome, amazing trip to the Cote d'Azur, and I still haven't posted any pictures. Here's a few of the 700+ photos that I took...

.If you want to see them all, click HERE. This link was broken before, but I fixed it!!

.my favorite view from Xavier's house just as the sun is going down... The whole garden glows. It's amazing.

.Marsella in St.Tropez.


.me in Antibes.

.dinner as usual at Xavier's.

.chirp chirp.

.beautiful sunset at Xavier's.

.The infinity pool at my mom's house.

.Marsella - youngest guy on the granny train in Avignon.

.Pope's Palace in Avignon.

.Dan & I in St. Didier...
.my FAVORITE wine that we tried in Chateauneuf du Pape.

.the grape vines in Chateauneuf du Pape...they aren't allowed to put them on wires, they grow naturally and the red stones absorb the heat from the day and keep the vines warm...something like that...

.wine tasting at Jean Baptiste's.

.on our way to Moustier.

.at Granier Beach in St. Tropez.

.Ville Franche...

.Rose in a box...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.