.booze, balls & centerpieces.

.My mother-in-law and I worked really hard to pull off a shower for my future sister-in-law. Nothing went wrong! We used starish for the centerpieces, floated starfish candles and LED glow balls in the pool, bought blue tablecloths of varying shades and made tons of food. Well, to be honest, my mother-in-law made a ton of food! I did contribute though. I made a salad with homemade roasted red beets, grilled corn, shredded chicken and spinach. It was a recipe from my friend Heather. Awesome!.
.144 stinky starfish + 12 vases = centerpieces.

.what kind of party is it without a signature drink??? Blue raspberry martinis!.

.these are LED pool balls and they are pretty much the most awesome thing EVER.

.One of my friends was married August 1st in Narragansett. Here are the pics! Her theme was peacock feathers with lots of teal & green. She did a GREAT job!